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Congratulations for deciding to try yoga! It won't be long until you're feeling the benefits on and off the mat!

Practising yoga gives you a bit of time away from your busy day where you can give back to your body and nurture yourself. With small classes and personalised instruction, our  dynamic and flowing style of hatha yoga draws awareness to the breath and movement of the body via a series of postures that blend both strength and flexibility.  Cultivating mindfulness through continuous movement, vinyasa is cleansing, energising and suitable for all ability levels.


Classes are held at our peaceful, purpose built, fully equipped air-conditioned studio in semi-rural Morayfield and Scarborough. For information on classes and updates like our Facebook page.

Private classes: Do you want a one-on-one session, or know a group of family, friends or colleagues who are keen to learn yoga? In our private classes we work with you to develop a program to meet your needs and ensure you get the most from each session. Please contact us to discuss your private classes.

Style: Hatha Vinyasa - General Core Awareness Class


A dynamic and flowing style of Hatha yoga which links breath and movement through a creative series of postures that balance strength and flexibility while cultivating mindfulness through a continuous flow.

Focus is placed on building strength and flexibility. Each class includes various options thereby suiting all ability levels. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and stay within their body's capacity.


Benefits include:

  • Increased relaxation, mindfulness and calm.

  • Improved flexibility, muscle tone and strength.

  • Stress relief, improved sleep and energy levels

  • General wellbeing

Affordable Class packages: Please contact us for class prices and packages.

New Student Guide
Prior to Class:

Eating/Drinking: It is best to let meals or snacks digest before coming to class. Give yourself 2 hours after a meal before practicing yoga and 1 hour after a snack. You may drink water during class as needed, but you may feel more comfortable if you hydrate prior class.

What to Wear: Please wear comfortable clothes that are not too loose yet stretchy.

What to Bring: A yoga mat, towel, and water.  We have a few spare yoga mats if you need to borrow one but it is on a first come, first served basis.

Communicate: If you have any injuries or limitations, please notify the teacher before class begins so they can help you stay safe.

Please arrive early to allow time to settle in and relax.


After the class

Stay hydrated

If you've not been exercising regularly, you may feel like you've had a workout. 

Gentle stretches the next day will help with keeping your muscles relaxed and improve circulation.


Remember: The poses don't get easier, you just get better!



Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone.  Yoga and any other exercise programs may result in an injury. 

Consult your physician or other health care professional before beginning a yoga practice or other fitness program.  

To reduce the risk of injury, never force or strain yourself.

If at any time you feel pain, discomfort, or dizziness, back out of the pose carefully and seek the attention of the teacher immediately.  

Pregnant women should not practice twists or abdominal tightening poses.



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